Friday, April 17, 2015

Cruise Part II

Just a few more pictures from our cruise!

We could not have looked dorkier in our hats but we didn't get sunburned despite being in the Caribbean!  In Belize we did an air boat to look for manatees but never spotted any.  We still got a great ride through a beautiful tropical marsh though

This was the view from any deck you looked out when we were sailing.  It was the perfect view over a book and cup of coffee

One night we did an all you can eat New Orleans style seafood night.  They cook a ton of different seafood all together with delicious seasonings.  We were STUFFED leaving this dinner.

Every afternoon at 3:30 there was afternoon tea.  We went every time!  Delicious English tea, homemade scones with cream and jam, little sandwiches, and cookies.  It was so fun.

Movie under the stars was so much fun.  The projected a movie on a giant screen and there was unlimited cookies and milk and popcorn to snack on.  Ryan was in heaven :)

This about sums up the trip.  We were tired but it was a fun vacation and one we were very grateful for it before Baby Decker makes his/her debut in August!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Wonderful Caribbean Cruise

About two weeks ago Ryan and I and my parents went on a week long Caribbean cruise!  It was such an adventure.  We had a lot of fun on the boat, enjoying the activities, doing a few shore excursions, and just having the week off.

We disembarked from Texas and headed to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.  Now Baby Decker can say she or he has been to four countries before even debuting into this world officially!

The first night was my mom's birthday.  We ordered her a big bouquet of these exotic flowers that smelled amazing!  Dinner every night was always delicious.

In Mexico we just laid on the beach for a bit and shopped around.  It was nice to just enjoy 80 degree weather and summer clothes!

This guy posed as a statue but then moved to scare people.  He was fun and we watched him scare people for like 20 minutes

Our enormous boat!  Ryan kept saying he had never seen anything so big before!  It has 19 decks...

Every night we had a three course dinner which of course was delicious and so fancy.  We enjoyed every second of it

At a botanical garden in Honduras Ryan got to meet two talking parrots that liked him a lot

Just a little view from the shore.  The ocean is absolutely beautiful and so enormous.  We couldn't get over how big it always seems every time we are near it.

Post two coming tomorrow...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Preggo Sister!

I don't think it's very often that people truly shock us.  Like they can truly pull of a surprise that has us speechless.

But just a few days ago my sister and brother in law did just that!  

Just a shot of the beautiufl table Linny set and her easter decor.  Gorgeous, no?!

We all went over to their new house for my mom's belated birthday celebration.  It was a delicious dinner and fun time together.  As part of the little party Linny has made "party favors".  They were hollowed eggs that were decorated with glitter and had some little filling in them...

We innocently thought they were just Easter decorations.  Maybe some candy inside?

Well after dinner they said we could open our favors and I LITERALLY almost fell off my seat at their announcement!  It was the best possible news!

Inside was a rolled up piece of paper that said "baby thunell hatching october 2015"

They were pregnant!  

Sister belly shot

We have a niece or nephew arriving this fall and let me just say that we had NO idea!  It is so much more fun that way, just a total shock and surprise.

I just kept saying, "Are you serious??"  Why do people even say that when they find out pregnancy news?  Ha!  As if the announcing couple would be like, "Nope...just kidding!"

She is about 8 weeks behind us in pregnancy so these little cousins will be very close in age.  What fun they will have!

 Over the moon excited for them!!

We are so thrilled for them (and for us, we get a new baby to love out of the deal!).  What a happy early Easter present.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pregnancy Week 19 & 20

Weeks 19 & 20 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A banana

My weight gain so far: 13 lbs so far!  It's kind of evening off.  I think I gained more in the beginning because I wasn't walking as much but now I seem a steadier 0.5-1 lb per week, which is best.

Food Favs: Spicy!  We bought some chalula the other day and I put it on a spicy chicken sandwich.  I also LOVE the spicy salsa at Chipotle.  Chick Fil A's frosted lemonade is like crack.  I also love crunching on cold veggies like sugar snap peas and bell peppers (buying them in bulk at Costco!).  Sliced strawberries are delicious as well as fresh kiwi.  Anything on ice makes me happy too right now.

Foods hates:  Ground meat, ground turkey, beans, strong cheeses, grease smell at fast food places, and cumin.  GROSS!

3 Pros of Week 15 & 16:
1. I eat whatever sounds good and eat a lot of it!  I'm SO happy to be enjoying food and it makes meals with friends and family so much more enjoyable.
2. Ryan and I are really enjoying this little one together more as a couple.  He finally felt the tiniest little kick a few nights ago after much patient waiting.  We go to another ultrasound in about 2 weeks and I think that he really enjoys those.  Plus my belly is so much bigger now and I think he feels like a proud daddy when people ask us about our pregnancy ;)
3. Being halfway!!  This pregnancy is flying by.  I want to keep Baby D safe and warm in there forever but I'm also so excited to meet him or her.  This is just overall a good pregnancy now that I'm in my 2nd trimester.  I'm gaining healthy weight, exercising, feeling awesome, and loving it all

3 Cons of Week 5 & 16:
1. Freakin acne!  Ugh I feel like I'm 14.  I just try to keep my face clean, my hands off my face, and keep our pillowcases clean.
2.  It's harder to sit up just using my ab muscles. They are pretty much useless and totally separated.  Boo.
3. I've recently started getting hungry again at night so sweet Ryan gets up to fix me a snack.  Usually peanut butter and crackers with a big glass of milk.  How is he SO sweet?!

Working out:
I am walking like it's my job!  I LOVE being active because I just feel like every time I work out my labor will benefit, baby D is benefiting, and post-partum recovery is going to be so much better.  

I walk Sloan's lake several times a week with my other preggo friend or my sister.  It's 2.3 miles around which is the perfect 45 minutes walk.  Ryan and I usually cover 2-3 miles in an evening which is not only great activity but we just get to catch up and enjoy the spring evenings together.  We did two bike rides last week which felt awesome.  Most mornings I try to get the doodles to a park near our house and walk 1-1.5 miles with them.  Other than that I've been trying to do 50 wall push-ups a day and want to do yoga 1-2 times per week also.

Best moment of the week:
Ryan getting to feel a tiny little kick for the first time.  And I had a midwife appointment.  Baby D has the perfect heart rate at 130 and is the absolute perfect size too for our weeks along.  So proud of that little one growing and thriving!
He has a picture frame project he is hoping to complete this week so we can clean up the nursery a bit.  He patiently puts his hand on my abdomen at night (when baby wakes up) and talks to the little one.  Like I mentioned above he is SO sweet to get me meals and snacks especially at 3:30 in the morning!  Overall he is so relaxed and just said the other day how excited he is but how right this season feels for us.  So blessed by him.

Friday, April 10, 2015

What Up In April!

This month just needs a random update post!  We have so many things going on that we love and are grateful for.


Lets just start with these perfect black faces.  They are the sweetest little pups in the world!  Grumps was cracking us up because when we got home from the cruise he was legitimately mad at us!!

  He pouted for several days, made sure not to cuddle with us, and took great efforts to isolate himself on his dog bed.  We kept teasing him and smooching on him so he finally gave in and is back to his sweet, needy self :)

Poppy also makes us laugh because we will go to a large open park where they can run.  Whenever another walker is going around the park's loop she makes it her duty in life to run up and welcome to the park that day!  She is such a sweet little extrovert.

Grumpy bear!

Little Princes Poppy

We recently bought the doodles a puprunner.  This is a trailer that hooks to the back of a bike that they can be transported in.  They can ride or run in it.  Our goal is to park Ryan's truck and save some money on gas this summer but he needs a way to get them to work.  He bikes 1.5 miles to work everyday so the doodles are very happy to go with him.

So far they are not huge fans (it is a strange experience I'm sure for them!) but with some treats and perseverance we will get them there. So brave, doodles!

Nursing School

Well my nursing school experience is over in exactly 71 days.  YES!!!!  And only 98 days until I take the NCLEX!

These are the books that I recently sold but it's not even all of them.  It felt so good to get them out of the house and remember all of the classes and time I spent in these pages.  

I start my Capstone this coming week.  Capstone is like a final nursing internship where you work "independently" though obviously with the close guide of an RN.  The point is to get a real nursing work experience and focus on time management, drug knowledge, patient care, and so much more.  

I work two 12 hour shifts per week for 6 weeks at a cosmetic surgery center in Golden.  

This surprised me at first but it's a good thing!  I am pretty removed from the patient's cosmetic requests and really get to focus on the pre-op, operating room experience, and recovering them in the PACU.  There are a lot of IV starts, drug experience, wound exposure, and patient education in my future.

Another pro of this placement is that it's less than a 5 minute drive from my house.  Hallelujah!


I made these healthy banana blueberry oat muffins the other day and they are SO good!   MAKE THEM ASAP!

I passed them out to two other preggo mamas I know and we all devoured them.  I made mine triple berry instead and they were a huge hit.

Ryan and I have been tutoring on Thursdays and it's been going really well.  I see so much improvement in my two students just over the last month or so.  Better recall, more willingness to get started, and faster word recognition.  Such smarties!  Ryan's student is brilliant and just needs encouragement as English is not the first language.  Ryan is amazing at encouraging so it's a perfect fit.

Ryan is going back to the hospital for an out-patient procedure later this month-it's not super intense but the purpose is to keep his bowels healthy with his ostomy.  We are spending time this summer focusing getting all his intestines scoped and keeping things thriving in there.  We are confident in his doctors and it's just good to stage his Crohn's and keep up routine maintenance that comes with an ostomy that many people don't think about.

Our amazing friends Matt and Katie are moving to Africa later this month.  This is the exact combo of YAY/NO!!!!  We are so happy for them to move to Rwanda and serve at an incredible organization called Jibu.  But we also love them so much and are pretty mad we don't get to see them at least twice a week like we do now :(

We are helping them move this week and are doing E-days events (a Mines thing) with them so pictures to come from that.

Alright, that should be a pretty good random post.  I have a class orientation this weekend while Ryan goes to the cardboard boat races with friends.  Then like I said, lots of moving help for the Bolts.  Ryan will rock climb on Sunday outside and I imagine I will indulge my nesting instinct and get some gardening in :)

Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Easter was low key and that's just the way we like it.  We started the morning off with veggie omelets made by Ryan Decker the breakfast man.  My mom came to church with us and as always it was a sweet service.

Nothing says Easter like blooming trees!

The music was amazing, the message was powerful, and we celebrated Jesus has conquered death!

After church Ryan and I just rested outside.  It was a gorgeous 75 degree afternoon so we were in the yard and out back enjoying.

We headed to Tyler and Anna's house later in the day for Easter dinner.  The kiddos had an egg hunt and we all enjoyed ham, potatoes, green beans, homemade bread, corn casserole, and delicious cheesecake!

I told Ryan that this kind of photo is his future in 5 years :)  We love these kiddos!

Sweet Anna made sure we had a little family photo of the three of us

Happy belated Easter!  We hope you celebrated the gift of the cross and the radical gift of eternal life!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 17 & 18

Weeks 17 & 18 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A big ole sweet potato

My weight gain so far: 12 lbs so far!  Like I said, Ryan is convinced it's a big Decker boy growing in there. I still think it's a little lady ;) I don't feel like I'm carrying around 12 more lbs usually.  Actually, I needed to wear a pair of jeans the other day and still got my pre-pregnancy jeans on (a little snug, but they were on)

Food Favs: These last few weeks have been the absolute best as far as food!  We just got back from a cruise and I really was able to eat just about anything.  I still enjoy fresh fruit so much, a big salad with ranch dressing, salmon, shrimp, cold cereal, gummy worms, peppermint anything, yogurt, oatmeal, raw veggies, trail mix.  See??  Things are better!

Foods hates:  Fried, pork products, fast food, beans, squash.  Yuck!

3 Pros of Week 15 & 16:
1. Almost no nausea whatsoever.  It is amazing!
2. I feel like the energizer bunny most days.  It's nice to get to class, study, travel, be with friends, walk, hike, clean, cook and more without needing a million breaks.  I just feel good and really healthy.
3. Baby Decker is very mobile in there.  No one can feel him or her on the outside just yet but that little one is squirmy!  I LOVE feeling the kicks and movements and just enjoying that we have an active,happy baby in there.

3 Cons of Week 5 & 16:
1. I literally pee 30 times a day.  There are no words.
2.  Leg cramps at night.  Ouch--it definitely hurts but is relieved with rest and heat
3.Feeling somewhat dizzy and like my center of gravity is out of whack.  A bigger belly means I feel a little more unsteady on my feet.  No falls or anything but I get up carefully and just use handrails.

Working out:
We completed a 5K on our cruise ship which was a lot of fun!  Ryan and I walk most nights together for 20-30 minutes.  I take the doodles to the park in the a.m. for a 1-2 mile walk almost every day also.

We are getting our bikes out with the warmer weather and I'm optimistic about biking 2-4 miles at a time.  Other than that, my goal this week is to up my strength exercises to keep muscle tone increased.  Modified push ups, yoga, etc.  No lifting or anything but I have been missing toning exercises in my workouts.  I finally gave up daily rock climbing because I just felt so unsteady at times.  If we get a full body harness and we go outside I might do an easy climb but for now my feet are on the ground.

Best moment of the week:
 I was able to successfully travel to three different countries last week without nausea, sickness, or too much fatigue.  It  was really nice to adventure around  and just enjoy pregnancy and warm weather!
Oh my sweet husband!  He is reading daily about the growth and development of our little one.  We both have a pregnancy app on our phones that we like to read everyday.  He makes sure I am fed and rested and just does so many little things to keep me happy :)  Foot rubs, back rubs, walking with me, heavy lifting etc.  He is so thoughtful and really pampers me.  I am a blessed woman!


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